Monday, March 20, 2006

Exeunt AudioStoa

Dear Subscribers,

The current circumstances of my life, both on a personal and on an academic level, compel me to suspend the production of AudioStoa for an indefinite time, possibly forever. In all truthfulness, whenever I shall again have some time to spend on these kinds of ventures, I will probably favor something along the lines of recording the whole of the Discourses (or some other text in ancient philosophy that is equally close to my heart) for the Librivox project rather than go back to weekly installments of the sort podcasting priviledges. I want to thank you all for having been on this short journey with me, and hope that you will remain interested in investigating the Stoic doctrines of Epictetus as they relate to your lives. If you haven't read it already, A. A. Long's accessible "Epictetus, a Stoic and Socratic Guide to Life" (Oxford University Press, 2002) is most excellent on this account. If you read French, there are many worst places to start than Pierre Hadot's translation and commentary of the Enchiridion: "Le manuel d'Épictète" (Le Livre de Poche, 2000). χαίρετε.


Blogger mtcpp said...

I have only recently discovered your podcasts. With a busy life myself, I appreciate podcasting could easily fall below the cut line of commitments. Still, you should know that your work has been valued.

Cura ut valeas,

Kenneth Sibley

9:33 PM  

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